Microsoft .NET Consulting

.NET is Microsoft's Framework for building high quality software and provides a comprehensive programming model for building all kinds of applications, from mobile to web to desktop. We have worked with .NET since it was in Beta. We have built hundreds of .NET applications and can help you with your .NET Stack. We have real experience building world class software with .NET. Here are a few items we could help with:

  • Existing ASP.NET Web Applications - We can take over the maintenance or upgrade of an existing ASP.NET Web Forms application. At any given moment we have several .NET Developers with five to twelve years of .NET experience available to help you with your Web Forms applications.  

  • ASP.NET New Development - We LOVE ASP.NET/MVC and always love to work with clients that want the best of what the latest technologies have to offer. MVC with any number of the JavaScript frameworks is our sweet spot!

  • Web Api - We can build API's for any purpose. Have a legacy system you want to sync with newer technology? Want to utilize your legacy data in a Mobile App? We can build "plumbing" to connect anything via custom API's and Web API's.

Give us a call at (615)-490-0773 to discuss your custom software development and technology needs.